The New Diversity

The workplace is filled with significant generational differences and associated challenges between Traditionalists, Boomers, Generation X-ers, and the newest group – the Millennials.
The Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and 2000 that were formed by attentive, helicopter parents, schools that propagate high self-esteem, and an ingrained comfort with dependency on technology.

Each generation learns, values, thinks, develops differently and must be led differently. Yet each generation has common ground, which managers can leverage and build on.

Former Southwest Airlines exectutive, Jason Young encourages leaders not to judge, but to coach and mange each generational group with intentionality. During this high energy session, Jason explains how to manage the various generations in a way that helps create and sustain a high performance workplace.

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The Road to Mastery

Do you want to be constantly improving your skill at something that matters?

It’s called ‘mastery,’ and it can be a process that provides a lifetime of satisfaction with your work.
But contrary to popular misconception, achieving mastery is a journey, not a destination. It’s a tough road filled with detours, obstacles, and setbacks. It requires clarity and courage. But it’s worth it!

Mastery can give you an understanding of the direction of your life and your business goals. It can help you think creatively outside the box. And it can transform you into a role model whose leadership is highly valued.

Service Leadership 2017 is focused on self-discovery and personal development, and 18-year veteran of the contracting business, Jerry Rollins, will continue this learning experience with a closing keynote that explores the topic of mastery — what it means, what it takes to get it, and what you’ll get in return for all your hard work and dedication. He’ll outline an approach to mastery development that will get you and your team engaged in your work and motivated on a whole new level. You’ll leave the conference aligned, enthusiastic, and equipped to be a more effective leader.

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Real World Expertise

ACCA has developed a whole new program for Service Leadership 2017. Our presenters come from the front lines of contracting -- business owners, service leaders, and other industry experts who know how to beat competition because they do it every day.

Presenters include:

Eric Knaak, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning

Matt Marsiglio, Flame Heating Cooling Plumbing & Electrical

Laura DiFilippo, DiFilippo Service Company

Edward McFarlane, Haller Enterprises

Ben Kelley, Cropp Metcalfe Services

Rob Stader, Lee Company

Carol Grooms, Carolina Comfort Air, Inc.

More contractor presenters being added, plus popular consultant speakers

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