Lead All The Generations

Right now there are more generations in the workplace than at any other time in history. Between the Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials (or Gen Y), and Generation Z; businesses have the unique challenge of trying to get all these varying groups to work together towards the common goal of being a profitable service company.

But with so many different generations, with vastly different work ethics and priorities, how does a business owner leverage those qualities and get them to work together?

During ACCA’s Service Leadership 2017, Jason Young, a former high level Southwest Airlines Executive, is going to give attendees the strategies and tried and tested methods to do just that.

Young says, that each generation learns, values, thinks, develops differently, and must be led differently. Yet each generation has common ground, which managers can leverage and build on. He encourages leaders not to judge, but to coach and mange each generational group with intentionally. He is going to share the difference between each of the generations, as well as their motivations and how to get them to work together. By following his techniques, you will be better able to  manage the various generations in a way that helps create and sustain a high performance workplace.

But you can only get these strategies, if you attend Service Leadership 2017, taking place October 26 and 27 in New Orleans, LA. So, Sign up now — prices increase as time goes by, there is only limited space, and we expect the meeting to sell out.

And don’t forget to book your hotel at the New Orleans Marriott, because you are going to want to stay where are all the action is taking place. ACCA has a special rate of $199 per night plus applicable taxes, but it’s only good until October 2, 2017, or when the block is full, whichever comes first. Book early, because our block normally fills up fast.

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